Monday, November 8, 2010

Method Monday - Clear Acetate Ornament



Clear Glass Ornament
Printable Transparency Film (be sure to get type appropriate for your printer)
Markers (No water based markers, you need Sharpies, Copics, Vis-à-vis or other permanent markers)
Buffalo Snow
Clear Glue
Round Die

The process of making a clear ornament is much easier than you think.

*Print your image. You need to be sure that the transparency film you have is appropriate for your printer. I got an all purpose type which is 2 sided, a rough side and a smoother side. InkJet printers will need the rough side for the ink to stick while copiers and laser printers use toner which will print on the smoother side.

* Color your image on the BACK SIDE of the acetate. This will help keep the printer ink from smearing and also give more of a stained glass effect. Copics will work, but remember to use the darker colors in the spectrum, you are on a clear surface and not white so you need to go 2 shades darker than normal.

* Cut image using a circle die, but be sure to leave a little bit of tab sticking out the top. You can do this by cutting slits up to the area where the die will cut. Make sure your image and die are smaller than the size of your ornament. **Tip—I used scratch paper to make a sandwich between the die cut plates and the acetate to protect the image from scratches.


*Remove top from ornament and add Buffalo Snow

  *Carefully roll up the acetate and feed into the opening of the ornament. I used the circle cut from my scratch paper to protect the image as it is sliding into the ornament. The tab you left at the top will help make sure your image stays straight in the ornament. The acetate will unroll itself once inside. Use tweezers to pull the scratch paper out.

*Replace top of ornament.

*Decorate ornament with clear glue and glitter.

*Add decorative bow with ribbon


  1. What an awesome tutorial! I love your image and ornament!

  2. Soooo super cute! Thank you for including a picture of how to cut the circle with the tab - makes perfect sense!

  3. Oh wow Kimme, this is a fantastic project and I do so appreciate the tutorial. Love it! "Hugs" Carol

  4. I luv this ornament.


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