Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dirty Cupcake

This was for Jenn's Dare to get Dirty Challenge Seeing the inspiration piece made me have to have cupcakes...or maybe that has something to do with the fact that I am 8 months pregnant. In any case, I had to try a few things out to combine my stamping and new cake decorating skills.

The wrap was done using my Cricut and the Accent Essentials Cartridge. I really like the flourishes, but if I ever make a cupcake wrap again, it will not be such a detailed design. Then I frosted the cupcake and used my Priceless flourish to make an impression in the frosting. I went over the impression with black icing.....don't ever use black icing if you don't have to, it is messy and tastes gross, and stains, but I was committed to this project and wanted to do it right, so I suffered for my passion.

Here are a few additional photo's for you.

This is the wrap I designed using my Cricut Design Studio Software.

This is the wrap on the cupcake tied on with Certain Celery grosgrain ribbon.

Here is the finished project. I should have been a little more patient and let the frosting set up just a bit more before stamping the impression into it, but it was getting late and I have spent 2 days on this project so I was getting anxious to finish up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Want Cake???

You may be wondering where I have been and why I haven't been posting lately. Part of the reason is because this big belly is getting in the way of my stamping. It's not the belly really, but the fact that by the end of the night my back is so sore I can't stand the thought of sitting at my desk. I do have a few projects I will show you later.

So here are a few pictures of my final cake. It was a fun class and I certainly learned a lot, but am glad that I won't need to spend quite so much time in the kitchen any more.

Our homework was to make 10 roses. I needed to practice and wanted to be sure I had 10 good ones to take so I started out making 30. Here are the ones that survived but did not end up on the cake. The pink one is the sample my instructor made.

Now for the final cake. You can see I only ended up using 3 roses. The rest will be saved for another time. I don't plan on making any more roses for quite while. On top of the cake are sweet pea flowers and on the side are some drop flowers.

The girls and I will be cutting into this cake for snack time today :)