Friday, October 15, 2010

FFC- Five for Friday

Hello hello hello!!!  Today’s challenge from Christi was to make a card with FIVE layers on it.  ONLY FIVE!  Oh my goodness, that is very limiting, BUT the base doesn’t count.  Ok, that’s a little bit better.  I was still getting anxious about it when I was going through all the Hope You Can Cling To Challenges and realized I hadn’t done the 4x4 challenge yet.  I needed to make a card with 4 squares and 4 embellishments.  I immediately had an idea and was able to complete both challenges.  YAY!!!

Snowflake Chloe is on one layer with a blue background which makes 2, the squares are dsp 3, mounted on Bashful Blue 4, all layered on Pretty in Pink 5 on the Bashful Blue card base.  YAY!!!!!!  I did it…..what?  The sentiment?  That’s not a layer.  I mean it’s so small.  It’s….it’s…. it’s an embellishment!   Yes, an embellishment from a sheet of die cuts.  So THERE!

Chloe will be released later this month by InStyle Stamps.  Isn’t she adorable.  She’s always adorable, she reminds me of my kids….you know when they are sleeping and cute and stuff.  Now, go see what the other Friday Fun Chicks have done:

Sherry ( no time to stamp :( )

And please continue to play along with the Hope You Can Cling To Challenges and send your cards to MD Anderson. 


  1. I don't know...that looks like 11 layers to me miss Kimme!
    It's adorable so it doesn't matter!

  2. Look at you multi-tasking so gorgeously! So darn cute!! smiles...

  3. Are you sure that's only 5 layers? You are so funny!! I think you're card it just too cute


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