Friday, December 21, 2007


Wow! Has it really been that long since my last post. Sorry guys. I have been very busy getting ready for the Holidays as I am sure that you are as well. I thought I would share with you a quick project that I did last night.

I really hate giving gift cards as presents, but some times it just can't be avoided. If I am going to be forced to give a gift card to someone I may as well package it up nice and pretty. I tried to convince my husband that he needed to eat 5 tins of Altoids, but for some reason he wouldn't do it so there went that idea. Then I looked around at a cute little 2-5-7-10 box that Kim (NutsyMuhl) made for me and realized that it was the perfect size to slip a gift card into and I could wrap a few nuggets as well. Now that's a gift!! I even made things a bit easier on myself and used some Stampin' Up! Dashing Decorative Paper so I didn't need to stamp it. I did stamp the emblem on the front using Riveting.

I also have two nieces who will be turning 14 within the next two weeks. Gift Cards are all they really want, sigh, so I made them some boxes as well. I used the Prints Designer Series Papers in Rose Red and Groovy Guava for their boxes and stamped the emblem with Priceless.


  1. They turned out wonderfully! Great job on the boxes.

  2. These are absolutely stunning, Jimmi! Just beautiful!

    Merry Christmas, dear!

  3. Okay, maybe I had a little bit too much eggnog. My mind was thinking "Kimme" but my fingers typed "Jimmi". Sheesh. Sorry, sweets!


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