Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fun Book Challenge

This week Jimmi says: Book Challenge, make a card or other paper crafted project based upon and/or inspired by the book you are reading or last read (or a favorite).  Well, I did actually read a novel back in December, but it was a crime novel so not much I could use for inspiration.  The last BOOK I read was one of P’nut’s favorites called “Five Little Ladybugs,” she picked that as her bed time story last night.  So this card is based on that book.


I know, I didn’t actually stamp on this card again.   What is up with THAT?  Anyway, there are 5 tiny ladybug brads in the center strip hiding among the holes of the circle border punch.  This is a nice 5 minute card that can be sent any time but would also make a great Valentine’s Day card for your Love Bug.

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Have a GREAT week!


  1. How cute and SWEET!! I would have loved to see a crime novel card,

  2. AWWW, that is SO sweet!
    and the card is totally adorable!

  3. LOVE this! So stinkin' cute!!! smiles....


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