Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Team Ft Meade

Today Team Ft Meade met in Glen Burnie to celebrate Michelle's, Tracy's and Amanda's Birthdays. As always, the company was great and the stamped items were inspiring. My girls seemed to enjoy themselves too. As we were getting in the car the twins asked if we could stay and go shopping. I said no it was time to go home. Then Mackenzie said that she really liked mommy's friends and wanted to see them again. "Next time mommy we will stay with your friends and go shopping and you can leave." I guess I was the downer. ;)

When there is a birthday in the group, the birthday girl always gets a beautiful hat to wear. I was tasked with making one for Tracy, whom is the QUEEN RIBBON WHORE. You need to be careful when out shopping with her, she will knock you over to get to a good deal on ribbon. This is the hat I made for her.

Isn't it beautimous???? It is a bucket hat underneath and the ribbon is layered over the top. Then, by happy accident I made a little ribbon flower to go on the top.

I couldn't get a good shot of her wearing the hat. This is the manager of CiCi's leading the restaurant in Happy Birthday.

These are the coasters I made for Amanda and Tracy. I used Pocket Silhouettes and Ginger Blossom designer paper. The coasters are like mini picture frames and the images just slide in the back, you can tell a couple of them got a bit slanted as I was taking the pictures. I swear they are stamped straight, I just didn't get the time to make sure they were straight in the frames.
I also used the Ginger Blossom paper to create the gift bags. It all coordinated so nicely, if I do say so myself.

For Michelle I decorated a small vase or a votive holder with Love and Happiness Rub Ons and included a box of blueberry scented candles.
I love these little baskets I found. I actually bought about a half dozen to use as gift bags and for summer entertaining.

Happy Birthday ladies. I think I may need to hide next year as I am sure Tracy is going to get me back for the hat.

For more pictures of the day visit the Stamp Maryland Blog


  1. ALL of them are awesome, but I especially love the hat!!!

  2. Very nice. I would like to know your recipe for the gift bags, so cute! thx. bluemoonbyniteatyahoodotcom


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