Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun Color Me Happy

Happy Friday.  I know that we are seeing a lot of pink and red around town this week preparing for Valentine’s Day, so this should be a welcomed change.  One of my friends posted that she loved this outfit for her daughter and she was going to be inspired and try to knit something like it, I took that challenge by making a card instead :) 


And here is my card:

I mimicked the stripes and the texture and then the hair ribbon is represented by the bow, while the necklace is represented by the rhinestones on the moon.  I love this stamp and the saying.  “I love the Crescent Moon…” ;)  


Now go see what Jimmi, Sherry and Christi have done with this inspiration. 


  1. This is a fabulous card!
    I love that bow and the rhinestones, every detail is simply perfect!

  2. *gasp* LOVE THIS! I love how you emulated the stripes and that texture is, oh so, yummy!! Gorgeous! smiles...


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